The reality of US imperialism is worse than Nikolas Kozloff claims

Dear friends,
I am writing in response to Nikolas Kozloff's article, entitled "U.S. is Promoting Secession in Bolivia, Repeating Venezuela Effort" –
I like the fact that he gave the article an honest title. However, there are significant parts of the article that seem in contradiction to the title, and seem to be bowing to a U.S. imperialist/corporate view of the world, promoting anti-Latin American ideas, such as the myth that "Morales and other Latin American leftwing leaders are authoritarian".
Below, I will discuss the main factual errors, omissions and other problems I noticed with the article:
(1) "80% of voters" approved the secessionist referendum? The real figure is less than 50% of voters in Santa Cruz – and the rest of Bolivia (with a poorer, more Indigenous population, and more supportive of Evo Morales, Bolivian national unity and socialism) can be expected to approve the referendum even less.
(2) That voter minority in Santa Cruz province approved of an autonomy proposal which included giving the Santa Cruz provincial government powers to control immigration to Santa Cruz. I.e. if this provincial "autonomy" were made into law, then the privileged European colonialists and a few mixed-race allies could prevent Indigenous Bolivians from travelling to Santa Cruz (e.g. to get a job in the more resource rich province) – within the Indigenous people's own land!
(3) Morales "escalated matters" by telling the truth about U.S. imperialist interference in Bolivia? Since when did it become a bad thing to tell the truth?
(4) "Morales has some just reason to be paranoid"? Some? How about 500 years of white imperialism in the Americas? How about 230 years of U.S. imperialism in the Americas? How about U.S. military invasions of Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Grenada, Haiti, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto Rico, etc., etc.? How about U.S. sponsorship of military invasions against Cuba, Guatemala and Nicaragua? How about U.S. sponsorship of coups against democratically-elected governments in Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, etc., etc.? The U.S. has the reputation in Latin America of nazi Germany! If anyone in Latin America is not extremely suspicious of the U.S.A., then they haven't been paying attention – or else they are conscious collaborators with imperialism, traitors to their people.
A message to Nikolas: please read more widely about the history and politics of U.S. imperialism and Latin America, preferably from non-capitalist media, and writers such as Noam Chomsky. Please be very careful that you check your facts before making unfavourable claims about those who the U.S. superpower sees as enemies – the corporate media is generally not an accurate source of such facts. And please don't be afraid to tell the truth about the long and terrible history of U.S. imperialism.
Long live the people's revolution in Cuba!
Long live the people's revolution in Venezuela!
Long live the people's revolution in Bolivia!
Peace and solidarity,
from Simon Ashworth Wood