Is the laptop in question a farce laptop, rather than a FARC laptop?

Wasn’t the so called ‘raid’ into Ecuador on March 1, 2008 illegal?

Furthermore, just as if the police illegally enter your home and illegally kill people in your home, and they then say they found evidence of a crime while illegally storming your home and killing people, shouldn’t such evidence be immediately and thereafter considered questionable at best, and inadmissible in any further proceedings?

Shouldn’t the illegally storming agents be arrested and tried for their illegal actions, including murder?

Shouldn’t those who ordered those agents to illegally enter and kill also be arrested and tried for murder?

For those who illegally stormed Ecuador and killed persons in that country to be believed about anything they say they found while committing their crimes seems absurd.

For Interpol to conclude that it knows the laptop came from the FARC, because the Columbian agents say they obtained the laptop at the scene of their own crime, seems to make the laptop in question more a farce laptop than a FARC laptop.