Interpol has never been a credible witness to anything

Many people do not know that Interpol is just a private corporation headquartered in France. The fact that it gets government cooperation from many regimes is altogether aside from this central fact. The second thing most are unfamiliar with is what I have written about in my own trilogy about Peru. Namely, that Interpol cops are always just local secret policemen moonlighting. I can’t tell you how many Interpol cops I bribed in my day and how many times I had Interpol records changed in Peru to reflect what I wanted them to reflect. Again I have described much of this in my books RIVERS OF BLOOD and HIGH FINANCE, SOUTH AMERICAN STYLE. (Go to WorldCat and type in my name to find the library closest to you with this set of books – Idaho Smith’s Search for the Foundation, 2003, Foundation Press, Los Angeles, Writers Press, Boise). The point is that Interpol is as good (or as bad) as the local cops they hire. They are notorious for falsifying evidence for relatively small amounts of money. I never had to pay more than a few hundred dollars to change records in Lima. -And,for that matter we never had to pay more than about %500 for a warrant against someone or say about 6000 or 7000 dollars for a Supreme Court decision. The idea that anything this totally corrupt organization in Colombia called Interpol (all the cops in Interpol in Colombia are from the political and narcotics directions of DAS – where all the money is) might say about Venezuela should have any credibility whatsoever is laughable to anyone and everyone in Latin America. Only gringos could be so stupid.