Chavez Strategy Laid Bare

In the 5-9-2008 Investor’s Business Daily editorial titled “Oily Chavez Oozes Beyond Venezuela” the apparently horrifying strategy that has been used by Hugo Chavez is laid bare. Because of that tactic the editorial states very clearly “The U.S. will need to take action.” The strategy being utilized by Hugo Chavez is portrayed in that editorial as “an ugly picture for the U.S.,” and that author tells us we must “de-fang Chavez soon” or he will continue to use that strategy.

The strategy that Chavez has used that is so terrifying to that author as to cause him to call for action against Hugo Chavez is a strategy most feared by Western/Northern corporate interests, as well as by elitist minority interests in South American nations. That strategy, the author states, has been clear: “using democratic elections….” How dare Hugo Chavez be repeatedly democratically elected. How dare Hugo Chavez encourage other nations to democratically elect their own leaders.

While that author’s fear of democratic elections is amusing, what is clear is that what Western/Northern business interests fear most is democracy. If the majority of the people in South American nations democratically elect their own leaders, leaders who have the best interests of the majority of their citizens at heart (as they have in Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, etc.), then the stranglehold and hegemony of Western/Northern profit-motivated businesses will be broken and South American nations will at last be allowed to manifest their own self-determination. Democracy in South American nations is nothing to fear, unless one fears democracy itself. It takes no imagination to understand why corporate and elitist interests fear democracy: in democracies the majority of the people decide what is best for the majority, rather than what is best for elitist minorities and corporate interests.

As a final note, that author addresses the intelligence community's assessment of the validity of the information on the so-called FARC laptop. Before one puts trust in the assessment made by that intelligence community one might benefit by looking at that intelligence community's previously faulty assessment of the existence of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.