Bush: $770 million in food aid

The headlines in today’s news proclaim the humanitarian George Bush stepping up to the plate asking the U.S. Congress to approve $770 million in ‘food aid’ to help the starving people in Africa.

Oh, but do we need to mention that he tucked his request into a measure that he submitted where he is wanting $70 Billion more to fund his occupation in Iraq?

Did we notice that if the $70 Billion more for the Iraq occupation is approved, and along with it the $770 million for ‘food aid’, the aid won’t actually go anywhere until October 2008, five months from now?

Did we neglect to see that $395 million of that $770 million is earmarked for food, while $375 million of that $770 million is to be allocated to the USAID for their ‘development’ programs?

Did we forget to mention the USAID’s efforts to destabilize democratically elected governments like Hugo Chavez in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela?

One may well ask, why did Bush tuck his request for ‘food aid’ into his additional $70 Billion Iraq occupation request? Could it be that he doesn’t have any intention of providing food to millions of starving people unless the U.S. Congress approves 177 times the amount actually earmarked for food to continue the killing in Iraq?

One may notice that Hugo Chavez immediately sent a fleet of his aircraft filled with hundreds of tons of food to hungry people in Haiti. With all the airlines in the U.S. filing bankruptcy, perhaps George Bush could buy one of those airlines, or lease a fleet of aircraft, and start shipping food to the many millions of starving people now. Or perhaps Bush could fill his military planes and ships with food and send them immediately to feed starving people.

Since we know there was no imminent threat in Iraq, and we know there is an imminent threat to hundreds of millions of starving people, wouldn’t a humanitarian with so much money and so many resources at his disposal act in a more humanitarian way?

There is no lack of money or resources to feed everyone in the world, there is only a lack of integrity and intent.