“Venezuelanalysis” and Imperialist Spin

It's bad enough that "Venezuelanalysis" regularly reproduces, without comment, Kozloff's anti-Chavez "assessments" of developments in Latin America, but that we must be subjected to Venezuelaanalysis' own Kiraz Janicke and his characterization of the three U.S. MERCENARIES captured by FARC "when their spy plane [mark this Janicke—your own words !!] crashed in the Colombian jungle" as "U.S. Defense Department contractors" is inexcusable. Where is the "analysis" from "Venezuelanalysis" that condones the use of such imperialist spin? It would appear that the editorial staff/writers of "Venezuelanalysis" are in need of some protracted and serious ideolgical struggle before a few poisonous weeds take over the entire field!!