Food Crisis is a Function of Capitalism

I join Hugo Chavez when he says “soaring food prices are a ‘massacre’ of the world's poor.” I also agree with him that "the problem is not the production of food … it is the economic, social and political model of the world.” There also is no doubt that he is correct that “the capitalist model is in crisis." However, the starving to death of many millions of dark skinned people in our world is not so much a sign of the failure of capitalism, as it is a sign of the proper functioning and result of racist Western corporatism………………………………………………….

This current crisis is also not the oft mentioned ‘perfect storm’, or ‘silent tsunami’. The scarcity of the basic necessity of enough food to survive that is rapidly spreading around the globe, is not a natural occurrence. It is not an unforeseen event such as bad weather. Its course is not unpredictable, nor unexpected. The analogy of a storm blowing in and wreaking havoc is misplaced in this crisis. This present day crisis is a preventable, controllable and curable man-made disaster. It is nothing less than, if such a thing as genocide may be called perfect, the perfect genocide rather than the perfect storm. Out in the open for all to see, millions are dying. The great economic pundits spread the fallacy that this is an unfortunate event, like bad weather, that is running its course regardless what men and women do. But this analogy clouds the fact of this intentional killing of many millions of dark-skinned people around the globe………………………….

The massacre is real, but this crisis is not a sign of the short comings of capitalism, it is an indication of how selfish the privileged are in our world, and how greedy are those who direct money and efforts to destroy and control rather to help and nurture. It is an indication of how racist global economic policies are. It is an indication of how we are participating in the mass murder of our brothers and sisters across the globe. There is plenty of food; there is plenty of means to get the food to people who need food. There is plenty of money to feed, clothe, educate, house, and provide medical care for everyone in our world. It just doesn’t serve the interests of profit to help rather than let die………………………

Let us not confuse the issue, we are witnessing massive genocide of dark-skinned people around the world and the illusory veil of it being some sort of natural or unavoidable disaster is being pulled over our eyes. This crisis is not due to bad weather, and it is not due to the failure of capitalism, it is a function of capitalism.