Re: Letter from Venezuela’s Communications Minister, Mr. Andrés Izarra

The Letter from Venezuela's Communications Minister, Mr. Andrés Izarra, to the Washington Post on March 26th 2008,shows why he is an excellent choice for his position.
The letter was well researched, clear, and to the point.
It points out the hypocrisy of the editors of the Washington Post. While I check the post out for comparison there is not much value in reading a paper that lies often as I cannot trust it's observations.
Much of the Western Media these days just passes on gossip, and does not do it's homework, or use common sense.
A paper like the Washington Post should have staff that is sufficiently aware of international affairs to know better. If it does not then it should do research.
The propaganda put forth by this paper is nauseous.
There clearly has been a Negative Media Blitz to distort Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, and it's social revolution.
The continuing blathering of threats to Venezuela by the United States is good reason for Hugo Chavez to be concerned and to speak openly to the world.
We are listening.
Regardless of the negative media there is much that is happening for the good of Venezuela.
While some see Hugo Chavez in the negative, knowledgable people can read between the lines, and see his good intentions.
Hugo Chavez is a bright light in South America today liberating, improving, and giving hope to the native, and poor people who have been treated poorly in the Americas. He at the same time has made it possible for the middle, and wealthy to do well.
While many say they will help the poor, few actually do it.
We can only applaud Hugo's actions.
I look forward to the growth and maturity of the social revolution.
Remember a balance of social and free enterprise works best for all.
Yours truly
Rolland Miller
Vancouver/Powell River, B.C. Canada