The Plot Unfolds

Earlier this year I wrote about the machinations of Gringo imperialism aimed at “kicking over the table” since the opponents of imperialism held all the cards. That’s all the Empire has left as a strategy. We saw how Uribe flew quietly to consult with fellow fascist thug Garcia in Lima, Peru. –And we saw how Uribe then flew to see United Fruit Company (Chiquita) boss George Bush (now US President too) to develop a strategy for immediate implementation against South America. I also wrote about the Annapolis Doctrine of using small forces rather than large (expensive) forces to pursue imperialism’s objectives in foreign policy. What we saw against Ecuador was precisely this. –And, finally, I warned that what happened in Colombia in the way of so-called “demonstrations” against the FARC was just part of a larger plot and that ALBA intelligence services should get ready for it. After the weekend we saw the orchestrated press releases announcing how Colombia was going to arrest and try some of those responsible for the murder of several thousand union leaders and organizers. Then a couple of weeks later the Colombian government told visiting US Congress people and Labor leaders to “go fuck yourself – if they’re guerillas then we kill em!” Now, we see the US plan unfolding with its complete support of Uribe’s aggression against Ecuador as well as his own people. The Gringo’s think they can fight this war using Colombia’s 200,000 man army (and reserves the US is paying to mobilize) and by using their naval supported air force (as well as long distance bombers from the Gringolandia and closer air support from their bases in Honduras and Panama. –And, of course from bases in Colombia. They are trying to phony up support for Uribe with these so-called “demonstrations” against the FARC which we can see clearly now are CIA/NED designed in Langley, Virginia, Wall Street and Washington DC. Out of this they hope to rebuild a base in northern South America. They have been locked out now by Brazil, Venezuela, and Ecuador and their trafficker industrialist boss of Colombia is going to be hard-pressed to hold onto his seat (literally – he may have to kiss his ass goodbye in other words.) Desperation on the part of the Gringo reactionary bosses is their motivation and they have no clear cut plan as to what will happen when the dust settles. In the meantime the ALBA countries need to redeploy their air arm to SAM protected secret airstrips. –And, the next time Uribe strikes out, the base from which those forces departed should be obliterated by ALBA airstrikes. Then we can see how far they want to go. In a protracted struggle we will have the people of Colombia with us. Only Gringolandia will be a serious opponent and they have limited military forces and as importantly limited amounts of money.