The Price of Dumbing Down Venezuela; Rolland Miller to The Editor

I read your posting with the headline, as noted above today, and agree fully with it's premise.
Hugo Chavez is good for Venezuela
You know Venezuela, and Hugo Chavez has many supporters throughout the world for the very positive direction Chavez has taken Venezuela. You have every right to control and receive the major benefits of your oil.
While much of the US press in particular is Brain dead, and does not view Venezuela in a positive light, there are many much more positive views from much of the world.
We do care and agree fully with the direction Venezuela is going. While I am a financier doing business in many parts of the world I am also socially inclined.
I do believe that Hugo Chavez should be looking more to a balanced society of socialism and free enterprise. The leading countries in the world are balanced societies, and that does not include America. The USA is the richest for now but has great disparities among it's people that is only getting wider with the Criminal Bush Administration.
Keep up the good work Hugo Chavez.
Yours truly
Rolland Miller
Vancouver/Powell River
B.C. Canada