We need a movement to nationalize Exxon-Mobil

It seems like every attempt to fight against Exxon-Mobil even going back to the Standard Oil days has been a failures. We busted the trust and they just grew into huge oligopolies.
We tried to sue them for destroying the Alaska coastline and they just tied it up in court for years till the lawsuit had no meaning. We tried boycotting them to lower prices at the pump and their profits just kept on going up.
It's great that we discuss the many great benefits of the Venezuelan missions and spending PDVSA's money on health care and education, but what about the oil pumped in America? The judicial ruling in favor of Exxon-Mobil is only possible because we don't have our own national oil company in the United States of America.
Although energy nationalization in the United States would be an extremely difficult battle, it could be a good way to force the company into a multi-front war, forced to spend valuable resources defending itself with a propaganda campaign at home.
We could have a massive email campaign with the following arguments: The oil belongs to everyone not just a small minority. Spend the oil money on health care and education, not on profit for the few. This latest ruling has me pumped up and ready for a fight.