Lakota Sioux Indian

I am an American Indian who came here to Venezuela to deliver a letter asking for support from President Hugo Chavez. I was well recieved at the Miraeflores Presidential Palace by the staff. My letter was accepted. I presented President Chavez with a Leader's (Chief)headdress from our Lakota Sioux Tribe. It is made from eagle feathers which are highly revered and signify a powerful warrior and his accomplishments. Our tribe is one of the recipients of the Citgo Propane that your country has made available to low-income citizens of the United States. Mr. Chavez and the country of Venezuela have been an inspiration to me. I battle daily as do all Indian People the ill-effects of the Genocide that the U.S. Government has wrought on the American Indians. We are on the verge of totally losing our language and culture due to the years of forced assimilation from the U.S. Government in the educational system in the U.S. My plea to President Chavez was for financial support to assist with a Language and Cultural Institute to help retain our language and culture. This is the unique identity of all earth born people. Without our language and culture we will be swallowed up by the American way and our children will have nothing and no future. I thoughourly enjoyed my visit to Venezuela and thank all the people for thier help to me while i was here. Thank You.