Hostage rescue sabotaged by U.S. complicity

Was there ever any doubt that from its very onset, that the plan by President Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias of Venezuela was going to be sabotaged by U.S. puppet President Alvaro Uribe of Colombia? Because, the plot to discredit the Venezuelan President had already been hatched by the Bush regime. It looked as if every time Chavez made a move to get the release of the Colombian hostages, a stumbling block was placed in his way. From the very start the plan was being undermined and it was never to come to fruition, because the U.S. government could ot let Chavez succeed. If Chavez had succeeded, it would have been a feather in his cap, and that meant his status would be enhanced in all of Latin America. This would have been bad bews from the Bush regime, that has been wanting the ouster of Chavez from the Venezuelan presidency. For the TIME MAGAZINE to call it a diplomatic failure, proves that the U.S. had a hand in the sabotaging of Chavez's humanitarian efforts for the release of the hostages. Chavez has proven to the world that he is a man that cares for the ordinary people and that he works on their behalf. Sincerely, Kenneth T. Tellis 2755 Andorra Circle Mississauga, ON L5N 2H8 Canada Tel: 905-826-5855