I read Aporrea every day, and watch Telesur. Aporrea is great, and keeps me up to date, but some of the writers are those sneaky Trotskyite lefties who are so "revolutionary" that they leave every one else in the dust. (Más papistas que el papa). Now they are attacking Chávez (as the right wing does) because he lost the referendum. I suppose they were waiting to be unleashed with a "yes" vote, so they could have hand to hand combat with the escuálidos on the streets, just like those right wing thugs were planning to do to them. The result, of course, would have been to drag the Bolivarian Revolution down the toilet. From what I have seen of your articles they are thoughtful, scientific and non-hysterical. Propaganda at a minimum. I am so grateful for your work. Thanks again.Antonio BernalLos Angeles