The Direction of President Chavez in Venezuela Has Far-Reaching Positive Ramificatioms World-Wide…

President Chavez, is embarked in the best and most feasible direction for assuring that the benefits of the means to live above deprivations, are realized for the many people who otherwise would be hopeless and helpless from even the barest of necessities.
Horay and the Best of Success for his Standing Up to Colonialists , and NeoColonialists, alike, who continue to enlist domestic and international agents and acts against President Chavez , as well as to all others around the world , who do not bow and dance to the Oppressor's whims and fancies.
All Peoples World Wide, who Know the Evils of Oppressions , and the sources thereof, are urged and encouraged by Humanity International to Champion the endeavors of President Chavez in Venezuela, and assist in preventing his falling at the dictates of the Oppressor(s).
Efil Sih ,
Principal Spokesperson
Humanity International