latin American elections

Recent results throughout latin America have proven that elections can be held without the influence of a U.S. bayonet. President Hugo Chavez's plans to reform the Venezuelian Constitution will once again deny George Bush Inc. control of Venezuela's oil supply, by denying Bush control of Venezuela. As oil nears $100 a barrell, these are desperate times in the White House for oilmen Bush and Cheney.
Some nations in latin America remain addicted to the U.S. dollar and use of U.S.military contractors, trained at the School of the Americas. But as Bush continues his crusade against the Muslim people in the quamire of Iraq, the people of latin America are breaking their shakles of economic oppression. The U.S. will never treat them as equals, due to pride or racism. However it must treat them as sovereign nations and allow them to develop their own form of government, including socialism!