Re: Venezuela and Revolutionary Moralism

Hugo Chavez has done a lot to differentiate himself from Stalin, Castro and the other "stern socialists."
He has supported civil rights for lesbians and gay men, and his government has endorsed Venezuela's gay pride celebrations. His governent has refused to go along with Bush's alleged campaign against sex trafficking.
On the other hand, when it comes to drinking, he has one serious problem: coffee. He told Barbara Walters that he drinks 26 cups of coffee a day. Now, I would like to see him live till he's 120, but he's not going to do it like that. Plus, it's not appropriate for his government to preach about addicting vices until he gets that habit under control.
One thing I am curious about is the current government's attitude toward sex workers. Just before Chavez was elected in 1998, Venezuela's Supreme Court ruled against the right of sex workers to form trade unions. How does Chavez feel about that? Does anybody know? I've tried googling on various relevant phrases and found nothing.