Che Monument

Some cowards who stalk the night have destroyed the monument to Che Guevara. Che, a man who dedicated his life to free the oppressed, and gave that life for the same reason. Whould he be angry at this act? No!!Che would look at the destruction of the monument the same way he viewed his cause. "You can kill the revolutionary, but never the revolution. You can destroy a monument but not it stood for.
These low life call themselves the Paramo Patriotic Front. The needed a name so heir masters in Miami, the Cuban mafia could write on a check.The name is partically correct, they are not patriots, but they are a front. A front for the thugs living in Miami under the protection of a thug of greater magnitude, George Bush, or as he sees himself King George II.
The good people of Venezuela will rebuild another monument to El Che, the complete socialist. The so called patriots will try again to destroy it and hope one day to erect a monument to their hero, former Cuban dictator Batista. As an animal lover I'm not to opposed to this notion, after all the pigeons need a place to shit!
Vive Che
Dan Dolt,EUA