Bush preparing war machine to invade Venezuela

President Bush has lost the war in Iraq and is looking for other countries he
considers easy marks to invade and conquer. The countries must have huge oil reserves to justify the cost of this imperialistic quest. Iran and Venezuela
match the required criteria of huge oil reserves and appear to be easier targets than Iraq whose porous borders provide perfect sanctuaries for the
guerilla forces to launch attacks. President Chavez has made marvelous strides to the integration of latin America. The fact that President Chavez has made economic alliances with most countries in latin america and has committed more financial aid than the Marshall plan funded by America at the end of World War II to rebuild Europe. If President Chavez's economic aid has half the impact of the Marshall plan latin America will become truely integrated and an economic giant on par with the USA and Europe. However Europe made the NATO military alliance their shield against war during the
Marshall plan era. If Venezuela and other countries in latin America are wise
they should consider such a shield to protect them from military adventures
from USA or Europe or China.