ASCF Presents Chavez as Threat to US on DVD Free to New Members

Visit to see how the truth can be twisted!
A dear friend sent me the above link to a DVD available through the American Security Council Foundation (ASCF). I watched, in disbelief and horror, the documentary "Crisis in the Americas".
I find this website frightening. It appears to be promoting the use of force against Venezuela, but for no apparent reason except to prey on the post 9/11 fears of United States citizens.
The ASCF fails to state HOW Chavez is a threat to us. They also produce untruths about the social programs that are bringing the "average" citizen relief.
The young Venezuelan man, who was interviewed looks "white". I am assuming he is from the upper class and feels threatened by the assistance to, and empowerment of, the poor, indigenous and afro-descended peoples of his country.
Shouldn't a president be in power over his or her country? President Bush went beyond absolute power when he ordered the war against Iraq despite the opposition of the UN.
I recently traveled to Venezuela on a study abroad program from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. It was a ten-day program: "Agrarian Reform and Agro-Ecological Farming in Venezuela". We visited cooperative farms and campesina farmers to learn about land reform and government-supported programs to attain food sovereignty, reducing the country's dependence on imported food.
I was impressed by what I saw in the land reform movement as well as other social programs we visited: an orphanage; a home for pregnant teens where they learn marketable skills; a lunch site for seniors; a community for the campesinas working the cooperatives and their families, which has its own school, medical center, cyber and telephone center, and radio station.
The marginalized of the Bolivarian Replubic of Venezuela are benefiting from the policies of their government. To these people Chavez is a hero. They turned the 2002 two-day coup into a victory for Chavez and themselves. They came down from the barrios and flooded the streets. In great numbers, in a peaceful demonstration, they called for the return of "their" president. In two days, Chavez was back in power. The government reforms continue.
I do not understand how working for food sovereignty, universal medical care and literacy for all citizens of Venezuela poses a threat to our government.
Organizations like the ASCF threaten the peaceful revolution going on in Latin America with words that are meant to stir up fear of terrorism and encourage acts of war.
Beth Sidlow
Eatontown, NJ