General thoughts on this site and on Venezuela

I am not sure when this interest in Latin America began, but it also an interest in world affairs and US foreign policy and or corporate foreign policy as I see it. It also gives answers as to why they hate us and to me that is easy to see but also complex for many are brainwashed into accepting US dominance and actions against the world, of which Latin America is one part.

As a professed democracy, the US government has often failed to live up to the ideals and standards of its Constitution.
My thoughts might be poorly organized and laid out but here but here they come. I do not know what has gotten me this far or this interest in Latin America, but I seem to have always believed in what is right and to see US corporate foreign policy as wrong. The US wants to dominate the world instead of be a part of the world and to work with the world, which brings upon itself a lot of the hate aginst it…in other words the US generates the hate against it by its actions against others, its support of tyranny and its fight against democracy around the world, including Latin America, through its constant meddling in the affairs of Latin Nations who support democracy and elect democractic governments, such as in Bolvia and Venezuela.

Some my readings of iterest include OPENS VEINS OF LATIN AMERICA, five centuries of the pillage of a continent by Eduard Galeano, COWBOY IN CARACAS A North American's Memoir of Venezuela's Democratic Revolution, by Charles Hardy, and PIRATES of the CARIBBEAN, Axis Of Hope, by Tariq Ali. Also I just recently ordered and am awaiting a new book, HUGO: The Hugo Chavez Story from Mud Hut to Perpetual Revolution, by Bart Jones.

Fred Jakobcic