Chavez and Ahmadinejad work together brilliantly!

After the disgusting display of disrespect shown by the President of Columbia University toward the President of Iran, it is a great relief to hear of Chavez's supportive comments.
Venezuela, you should know that you are now governed by one of the greatest minds of the past century. I sincerely hope you find it in your hearts to maintain the course. You are wise beyond words, compared to people in other so-called free nations. Long live your revolution!
With the positive changes under way in Venezuela (education, economic participation, health care, political inclusiveness, and sovereign defence), I find myself, as a Canadian working in the wealthy Alberta oil patch, wishing we could adopt your path here too. Or, maybe I should move there?
Canada needs Chavez to keep fighting imperialist forces – the same ones we are at war with. It gives us a sense of reality and of hope.