Best wishes for a full recovery to President Hugo Chavez

By Robert Navan - Venezuela Ireland Network
At this difficult time for many Venezuelans, I would like to send greetings from Ireland and our hopes for a return to full health for your President, Hugo Chavez. Many people here are following his progress and some are joining in the prayers. By now Venezuelans will, hopefully, have realised that their President is considered the President of the poor and powerless all around the world and his loss would be a huge... more

The Bravado of Venezuelan Reactionaries And Crackpots

By A. Shaw
t A. Shaw Lenin defines revolution as the passing of state power from one class to another. Revolutionaries often overlook the definition of revolution. Clearly, a proletarian revolution is the passing of state power from some other class to the workers. Venezuela is important for US revolutionaries, because a passing of state power from the bourgeoisie to the working class is taking place in... more

A Serious Discussion of Constructing Socialism Cannot Begin With the Falsification of History

By Jason W. Smith
Any Communist would have serious doubt about the various ideas expressed in the article A Multiple Socialist Administration Model and Enterprises of Social Property (ESP) in Venezuela - Success, Difficulties, Prospects  by Rafael Enciso Patino on February 4th of 2012 in Venezuelanalysis. However, for the moment I will separate these remarks into two parts in this criticism: (1) The falsification of Marxist-... more

The "War on Drugs"

By Bonnie McFadden
Dear Editor: With its "War on Drugs" initiated by the Reagan Administration in the U.S. in the 1980's, a massive, privatized "anti-drug" industry was created, whose tentacles reach throughout the world.   The U.S. policy of treating drug acquisition and addiction as a crime with lengthy prison sentences, fueling the private prison industry, rather than as a health issue to be treated medically, has likewise... more

comment on Chavez-Caviar article

By Richard Coleman
This is the a copy of the email I sent to Axis of Logic: ************************** U.S. politicians: "There are those who say..." "Some people say..." etc. Nobody is identified by name or quoted directly in their own words. You: "destructive and self-serving critics..." "irresponsible writing..." "baseless and strategically naïve criticism..." Nobody is identified by name or quoted directly in their own... more

Becerra, Realpolitik, and the Bolivarian Revolution

By Frank Conway
As hard as President Hugo Chavez' deportation to Columbia of Joaquin Perez Becerra is for those of us with revolutionary beliefs to swallow, there are factors involved that might make it easier to understand.As has been reported here and elsewhere, there has been a thaw in Venezuela-Columbia relations since Columbia's new president, Juan Manuel Santos, took office last year. Santos has demonstrated a willingness to... more

Anarchism and Venezuela

By John Jones
The revolution that began eleven years ago in Venezuela could benefit a great deal from anarchist direct action in getting rid of the bureaucracy and establishing control over the country from the ground up. The governments encouragement for workers to take control of their workplaces and establish communal control over all aspects of their lives would appear to be a dream come true to many anarchists. There... more

Extending Cooperation Means Exactly That

By Jason W. Smith, Ph.D.
I have no knowledge concerning the activities leading to the deportation from Venezuela of these specific three Colombians, but I do know the following: (1) It is high time for FARC-ELN to stop the kidnapping program and eliminate hostage taking. If you have people in Colombia sufficiently dangerous to kidnap them, then shoot them and get on with the civil war. (2) Using Venezuelan territory for these kinds of... more

Congratulations on Denial of US Gimmick

By Jason W. Smith, Ph.D.
Readers of Venezuelanalysis should know that the idea the Gringo Regime on the Potomac is carrying on any kind of serious "drug war' is ludicrous. I can tell you from personal experience that the only work the DEA does in the world of international trafficking is to participate in that traffic at the highest possible (to them) level. The idea anyone the Gringo Regime wants in their custody would receive... more

Philosophy of Vagueness

By Recca
The article "Reflections about Transcending the Dialectics" by Franz J. T. Lee is pretty bad. "On this is based the fallacy that change can only come from within..." Marx would probably agree with the "fallacy" that change can only come from within, because what isn't within? The mind is not separate from the body, an individual's character is strongly influenced by society, the nation is part of the global... more

Workers Control

By John Jones
Perhaps a number of dedicated revolutionaries could be trained to teach the workers how to take over their work places and lead them through the process of taking control; not to stay and manage, just teach and coach until the workers were firmly in control. It is understandable that workers are lacking in knowledge and the confidence to take over with out assistance from the party.

Ironic that US forbids Cuba access to internet

By brian
RE: http://venezuelanalysis.com/news/5761 I've been told before that Cuba forbids Cubans access top the internet. So it's ironic to see THE US is the one forbidding Cubans internet access!