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Part-time Journalist Position in Venezuela is looking for a hard-working journalist interested in spreading the word about what is happening in Venezuela. 

This is a part-time position, but could be expanded, depending on the organization’s finances and the commitments of other writers.


  • Write several news articles per week for, by attending news conferences, news events, and summarizing news from Venezuelan sources.
  • Write analysis articles that explore issues in-depth and with plenty of context, including conducting interviews.
  • Translate articles from Spanish to English.
  • Participate in daily editorial meetings with other writers, to determine the topics for the day.
  • Edit and post articles written by others.

Essential Requirements

  • Excellent English writing skills, with at least some journalism experience
  • At least fair spoken Spanish and ability to follow the news in Venezuela
  • Knowledge of and an interest in Venezuela and its politics, dedicated to reporting on the news that the mainstream media leave out
  • Politically progressive and a strong sense of solidarity with Venezuela’s poor and working class
  • Ability to talk to strangers, good personal communication skills
  • Should be currently living in Venezuela, or able to move here


  • Monthly salary in local currency
  • Unfortunately, no other benefits are included (such as health care)
  • Paid vacation of one week for every three months of work 

To apply:

Send cover letter, résumé with two to three references, and writing samples to editor [at] We are looking for someone who is able to start as soon as can be arranged in 2015.