Venezuela: Communard Union Launches Territorial Brigades

The Argelia Laya Brigade will deploy in small groups across the country to strengthen existing communes and support new ones.
UC territorial brigades 1
More than 50 communards participated in a week-long training program. (Tatuy Tv)

The Communard Union has deployed its “Argelia Laya Brigade” across the country in a bid to strengthen the organization and links between popular power collectives.

On February 4, more than 50 activists split into small teams and began their work visiting communes and communal councils. Some of the brigades were termed “exploratory” and will spend two weeks in a given territory, whereas “permanent” brigades will spend six months in areas deemed a priority by the Communard Union.

The activists are tasked with diagnosing political, social and economic conditions in the communes they visit, in order to develop work plans to boost the organizations and incorporate them into the Communard Union.

The territorial brigades’ deployment was preceded by a week-long training program at El Maizal Commune in Lara state (see gallery).

Officially founded in March 2022, the Communard Union groups more than 60 grassroots organizations from 15 Venezuelan states. With central and regional structures and a firm adherence to former President Hugo Chávez’s political program, its goal is to bring together communes in order to create a national structure and advance the construction of socialism.

Photos by Tatuy Tv.