Community Urban Agriculture inVenezuela: The Story of our Merida Garden in Photos

With the help of the government, our community council La Columna, in the Andean city of Merida, began a project of urban agriculture so that we can grow food free of agro-chemicals in a way that doesn't damage the land, recycle organic waste in our composter, contribute to national food sovereignty, and start to break down alienation in our community.


Every Friday morning, we open up the garden and work on it, and have it available as well for people in the community to bring their organic waste, to buy some of the crops at very cheap prices, or to get involved.

All photos except the last one by Tamara Pearson for Venezuelanalysis.com. Last photo by Ewan Robertson, for Venezuelanalysis.com.

A member of the community who had a piece of land that he currently isn’t able to use, lent it to the community in July this year. It hadn’t been used in a while and was full of long grass, we couldn’t even see the back wall!