The Radical Artistic Expression of Venezuela’s Youth

Below is a selection of works and images by some of the artists affiliated with Cause, Venezuela’s new radical youth culture network. Cause supports and promotes artists in a variety of ways, as well as producing videos and organising events.


As David Segerra, a member of Cause, explained, the birth of the organisation this year “reflects a reality that has come into being in recent years in Venezuela, that is, the rebirth and explosion of culture among the youth. There are a great number of bands, groups of artists, graphic designers, graffiti artists and muralists that are emerging from grassroots communities, from the barrios, which is the nicest thing; and with a lot of impact and success. [Before this rebirth] they had been crushed, silenced, and so the Cause’s mission is to accompany them, to gather them together, and try to make them visible, because this movement hadn’t had enough of a presence through the media and social networks”.

You can read the full interview about Cause, translated by Venezuelanalysis.com, here. For more images by Venezuela’s new generation of radical artists, see the Cause website.

Text by Venezuelanalysis.com