“This is a Project of Inclusion”

Registrations for the Great Knowledge and Work Mission in Mèrida


Since mid-January this year, thousands of Venezuelan citizens have been registering across the country as part of the government’s new employment and training program, the Great Knowledge and Work mission.

The mission, which aims to create 3 million jobs by 2018, allows citizens to register in seven areas of interest, after which they can be assigned relevant training courses and employment opportunities, including incorporation into public works projects.

In a visit to the central registration point for the employment mission in the city of Merida in the Venezuelan Andes, the regional coordinator for the registration point Anna Franco explained to Venezuelanalysis.com that that any Venezuelan citizen, especially those currently unemployed or seeking to work in a different sector, was eligible to register. People could register interest among seven areas, within which they are profiled according to desired specialisation. For example, within in the housing construction sector participants could register interest as a solder, electrician, carpenter, or infrastructure specialist.

Franco confirmed that it was not necessary to have previous experience to register in a given area of the program, as participants would receive education, training and placement. She further clarified that the mission’s aim “is to lower the unemployment rate and give opportunities to everyone. It is a project of inclusion, everyone can participate”.

Meanwhile one of those present, Estel Octavo, said that she had registered an interest to form her own independent agricultural project, due to her previous experience in agriculture and enjoyment of planting and growing plants.  In terms of getting help to start her own project, “I hope that they help me, advise me, and give me a well planned education with respect to agriculture, and that they help me with many things that one cannot do alone,” she expressed to VA.

Finally, she gave her opinion that the Venezuelan government “is doing very good things for the poor people in Venezuela,” commenting of the president Chavez “I like his way of thinking, his point of view, with the people of Venezuela”.