Venezuela Hosts Latin American Festival of Open-Source Software Installation (FLISOL)

In the struggle to make information technologies available to the world's majorities, Venezuela on 9 April 2011 hosted the Latin American Festival of Open-Source Software Installation (FLISOL). This image gallery presents a brief glimpse at FLISOL's freeware ideology and methodology, as well as insight into how government-financied initiatives can serve to overcome the private information of information technologies. 


Among the many guests at FLISOL were ex Minister of Commerce, Eduardo Saman, and current President of Venezuela’s National Center for Information Technologies (CNTI), Carlos Figueira, who participated in roundtable discussions on open-source softwares. Meanwhile, a number of community-based efforts ensued to secure free access to said technologies for all age groups. Music mixing and editing programs and newly launched linux software for government provided school laptops [See: Canaima Project] were among the many highlights of the event. 

For additional photos, see: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lubrio/sets/72157626464478412/detail/.

The above text is a translated introduction of [http://www.aporrea.org/tecno/n178811.html]