Protests Mark International Women’s Day in Venezuela

Various feminist organisations call for greater government action on issues such as abortion, machista violence and wages on March 8.

Mérida, March 10, 2021 (venezuelanalysis.com) – Venezuelan feminists took to the streets on Monday to mark International Women’s Day and to call for government action on a range of issues.

With strict Covid-19 sanitary controls, rallies were held in most major cities, alongside webinars, conferences, and social media campaigns.

Some of the most prominent demands included calls to legalise abortion, for greater protection and prosecution against machista violence and femicides, and for wider access to contraceptives and sexual education.

While the national government hinted at action in recent years, especially during the National Constitutent Assembly period (2017-20), no important reforms have been introduced since 2007.

Most activities on March 8 were organised by left Chavista organizations, but some right-wing currents also took to the streets. Their demands focused on higher wages for female workers.