Venezuelans Commemorate Fall of Dictatorship with March, Global Anti-imperialist Encounter

More than 400 international delegates took part in the summit.

Merida, January 27, 2020 (venezeuelanalysis.com) – Chavistas took to the streets of Caracas on Thursday to commemorate 62 years since the fall of dictator Marcos Perez Jimenez.

Public sector workers, trade unions, civilian militia members, leftist political parties, as well as feminist and other grassroots movements were amongst those who marched from five different points of the capital. The separate marches culminated in a large concentration around Miraflores Presidential Palace.

Addressing the march from the “People’s Balcony,” President Nicolas Maduro stressed the need for peace, parliamentary elections, and civil-military unity in 2020, as well as an end of impunity in the case of Juan Guaido and other leaders of the US-backed opposition. Guaido had declared himself “interim president” one year before and is currently under criminal investigation for fraud, embezzlement and treason.

The march coincided with the First International Encounter against Imperialism, for Peace, Sovereignty, and Life which welcomed 400 international representatives from over 70 countries.

According to Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza, around 1000 international delegates were not able to attend the event after experiencing travel difficulties allegedly caused by the US blockade against Venezuela.

The government-organised gathering looked to strengthen global anti-imperialist cooperation and solidarity. It brought together solidarity activists, leftist political parties, a range of grassroots movements, and multilateral organisations.

During the four-day summit, delegates discussed anti-imperial and anti-colonial struggles in Syria, Iraq, Palestine and Colombia, as well as a diversity of other topics including NATO, indigenous exploitation, feminist struggles, climate change, sanctions regimes, monopoly financial domination, and the recent coup d’état in Bolivia.

The final document also highlighted the military character of imperialism, stating that US forces have “converted the world into a great theatre of military operations” through the expansion of foreign military bases. It called on those participating to strengthen the struggle for peace across the globe.