In Pictures: April 30 Coup Attempt in Venezuela

April 30 saw a military coup attempt grip Caracas. Here are some pictures of the day's events.

Early in the morning of Tuesday, April 30, self-proclaimed “Interim President” Juan Guaido, rightwing leader Leopoldo Lopez (who was in house arrest for his role in the violent 2014 guarimbas), and a handful of military officers met in the Altamira overpass in east Caracas, calling for the final phase of “Operation Freedom.” Later hundreds of opposition supporters began to march westwards toward Miraflores Palace. Along the way, they encountered police barricades and were not able to advance.

In response to this attempted coup d’etat, Chavistas gathered in Miraflores in support of the Maduro government and the Venezuelan constitution.

Photos: Venezuelanalysis, @OrlenysOV, Euronews, Reuters, archive