Resistance in Images: A Productive Workers’ Battle in El Maizal Commune

This February, two extraordinary popular power projects joined hands, defying sweltering heat and imperialist threats.

Between February 4 and 9, 2019, a group of skilled workers called the “Productive Workers’ Army” went to the flagship El Maizal commune in Lara state with the goal of helping jumpstart production in a few key areas.

The Productive Workers’ Army is a self-organized initiative that calls its volunteer labor sessions “battles.” The helping hand they extended to El Maizal was the thirteenth battle the group has undertaken in an ongoing effort to rebuild the besieged country’s productive apparatus.

While these projects are acts of Chavista resistance and spontaneous working-class solidarity, they also harken back to the voluntary labor sessions that Lenin and Che called for.

Sergio Requena, one of the group’s founders, calls the initiative “an unconventional army for an unconventional war.” So far this Productive Army has brought hundreds of workers together and put more than ten industrial plants back on their feet. 

Here we share with you pictures by Jota of Terra TV documenting the six days of voluntary work.

Text by Venezuelanalysis.com.