In Images: Venezuelan People Mobilize In Support of Maduro

During a hectic day in Venezuela, the mainstream media coverage focused on the mobilization of the opposition and the opinions of a select group of international figures, ignoring the thousands who took to the streets in defense of democracy, national sovereignty, peace and the Bolivarian Revolution. Venezuelanalysis.com brings you some of the images captured on the ground by the Revolutionary Bolivar and Zamora Current (CBRZ) press team from the January 23 mobilization in Caracas.
Mobilization in defense of constitutional President Nicolás Maduro 1
Mobilization in defense of constitutional President Nicolás Maduro 1

Under the fierce diplomatic, economic and media attacks from the part of the United States and their Venezuelan subordinates, the Venezuelan people took to the streets to express their recognition and support for the only legitimate and constitutional president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros. The mobilization took the streets of Caracas, while the President of the National Assembly (which remains in contempt), Juan Guaidó, proclaimed himself President of the Republic, in an absolutely illegal and unconstitutional act. President Trump, via social networks, publicly recognized this self-proclamation. The day ended with a massive public act where President Maduro expressed his rejection of US interference and decreed the rupture of diplomatic relations with the United States.

The press team of the Revolutionary Bolivar and Zamora Current (CBRZ) was in the streets documenting the massive mobilization. Here are the photographs.

Translated by Katrina Kozarek for Venezuelanalysis.com