Venezuelans Protest Against Threat of OAS Suspension

Venezuelan social movements mobilized Tuesday in Caracas in light of the OAS’s looming threats of suspension.


Los Angeles, March 29th 2017 (venezuelanalysis.com) – Venezuelan social movements demonstrated against the Organization of American States’ threat of suspension against the South American nation in Caracas Tuesday. The mobilization began with a concentration in Plaza Morelos and continued throughout the capital city.

Angelo Rivas, president of the Municipal Youth Institute said of Tuesday’s march that “the rejection [of the OAS’s possible suspension] is resounding on the part of our youth.”

“Venezuela has been attacked by the international right wing that wants to interfere in the internal affairs of our country. Chávez gave us independence and President Maduro has guaranteed that no one will get in the way of Yankee imperialism,” Rivas continued.

The OAS extraordinary session resulted in a stalemate Tuesday with member states failing to reach a consensus on Venezuela’s possible suspension. Several Caribbean and Latin American nations defended Venezuelan sovereignty questioning the legal grounds for suspension and other concerns.