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Caracas Celebrates 12th International Book Fair + Video

The Venezuelan Ministry of Culture inaugurated the 12th annual international book fair (FILVEN) in the nation’s capital of Caracas last week. The fair will continue through next Sunday November 13th and will showcase the latest in Venezuelan and international literature. 

FILVEN includes 176 editorial stalls along with dozens of rooms for a wide variety of presentations, workshops and training. This year’s events will take place at the Teresa Carreno Theater, Sala Jacinto Convito and the Museum of Natural Sciences. 

The international event pays homage this year to independence leader and General Francisco de Miranda. 

“The Bolivarian Revolution continues writing and publishing. We came again to read what we are under Francisco de Miranda's legendary command. He was a selfless, irreverent leader, with a kaleidoscopic personality and warrior. His message was clear: there is no love more than what is shown in the act of reading,” expressed Chrstian Valles, president of the Veneuelan National Book Center, a branch of the Ministry of Culture. 

FILVEN will present 18 books documenting Miranda’s life and work including two publications from the French Embassy this year’s country of honor.

The international book fair continues the Bolivarian Revolution's commitment to promoting literacy in Venezuela. Former President Hugo Chávez regularly encouraged Venezuelans to read about their history and embrace their own identity and culture roots as a means to challenge US imperialism.  

 Text by Jeannete Charles, photos and video by Rachael Boothroyd Rojas and David Boothroyd Rojas. 

Published on Nov 9th 2016 at 9.52pm