Grassroots Cultural Movement Tranforms Public Spaces in Caracas

A grassroots cultural movement in Venezuela proves that art can emerge and take over public spaces without the help of government grants and funding.


On Wednesday afternoon, September 16th, near the Plaza Bolivar of Caracas, a program called “Emerging Wednesdays” was launched, from the creative platform of the revolutionary Emerging Cultures Movement.

The occasion not only offered the opportunity for the exchange of diverse experiences, such as hip-hop, photography, and interactive street art, but it was also evidence that peoples’ organization and collective intention can overcome the belief that culture can only be supported through grants and funding. Jesus Garcia, of the Emerging Cultures Movement, said the entire day’s work was pulled off with a combination of grassroots management and participation. From the sound system to the easels, it was all through borrowing and collaborating.

The project will continue over the next few weeks, with the intention of being a meeting point of diverse emerging cultural expressions. Passersby may participate in the artwork, workshops, and debates.

Photos by Milángela Galea. Text and images originally posted by La Cultura Nuestra.