Venezuela’s Revolutionary Students

Most of Venezuela's students aren't manning the barricades – many firmly back the government, and have opposed opposition violence.


Venezuela’s opposition student movement have been grabbing international headlines since February, with barricades that have blocked streets and led to clashes with security forces. Then on 3 April, both pro-government and opposition students were present during violence at the Central University of Venezuela (UCV), where at least two people were seriously injured.

However, a large proportion of the student population continues to back the government. On 22 March, thousands of students from more than 30 universities marched in support of the government and peace in Caracas. Chants condemned violence and called for peace.

While opposition student protesters were destroying as many as 5000 trees for barricades, hundreds of youths helped collect 100 tonnes of garbage from Canaima National Park. President Nicolas Maduro has since called for students and young people to further support environmental initiatives in the face of what he describes as “eco-cide” by opposition groups.