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Venezuela in images

Venezuela Showcases International Musical Talent at Latest Festival

Jahlfaomega performed a two song set focused incorporating African and Indigenous Wayúu music, instruments and language. (Venez

Venezuela recently hosted the International Music Festival, part of the country's larger strategy to build the cultural revolution within the Bolivarian process.

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Caracas Celebrates 12th International Book Fair + Video

The 12th FILVEN is being held at the Teresa Carreño theatre in Caracas. (Rachael Boothroyd Rojas/

FILVEN includes 176 editorial stations along with dozens of rooms for a wide variety of presentations, workshops and trainings. This year’s events will take place at the Teresa Carreno Theater, Sala Jacinto Convito and the Museum of Natural Sciences. 

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Chavismo Marches to Defend Revolution against Rightwing Onslaught

"CLAP "Carlos Raul Villanueva" present with President Maduro. We will be victorious!". (AVN)

On Tuesday, Chavistas took to the streets of Caracas en masse following an attempt to bring impeachment proceedings against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro by the opposition-held legislature. 

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Venezuelans Celebrate Day of Indigenous Resistance


Thousands took to the streets of the Venezuelan capital on October 12 to commemorate the Day of Indgenous Resistance as well as manifest their support for the Maduro government in the face of imperialist threats. 


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Venezuelans Are Multiplying Seeds As a Means of Self Defense

After years of mixing local seeds from Anzoateguí’s majority indigenous farmers along with other national varieties, the farm

Learn how Venezuelans have built a nationwide program that seeks to achieve food sovereignty and take down the economic war.

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Venezuelan Masses Takeover Caracas in Defense of the Bolivarian Revolution

Women, men, children, young people and the elderly showed their solidarity and support on Monday and will continue to do so thro

Over the last several days, Venezuelans have mobilized to express their solidarity with President Maduro’s administration and in defense of the Bolivarian Process.

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Venezuela Celebrates Fidel Castro's 90th Birthday

Maduro flew out to Havana where he watched the birthday celebrations alongside Fidel from the Karl Marx theatre. (Cubadebate)

In the following image gallery, Venezuelanalysis brings readers photos of the 90th birthday celebrations held in both Cuba and Venezuela for revolutionary leader Fidel Castro 90th birthday.

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Uhuru Presente! at Venezuelan International Poetry Festival

"Poetry for Emancipation", event at Simon Rodriguez's restored home in downtown Caracas. The event included prese

Spanning one week and crossing global borders, Caracas set the main stage for Venezuela's 13th Annual International Poetry Festival.

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Caracas Commemorates Pride with Annual March

Thousands marched as part of dozens collectives from east Caracas toward the central square in Plaza Venezuela. (Jeanette Charle

Thousands of Venezuelans participated in this year's annual march in the nation's capital on July 3rd calling for fully recognized and implemented equal rights. 

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Afro-Venezuelans Converge on Caracas in Pro-Maduro March

Eli Machado Blanco (19) dances the mina, a traditional Afro-Venezuelan dance from Curiepe in Barlovento. (Lucas Koerner/Venezuel

Thousands gathered in the nation's capital to defend President Nicolas Maduro, stressing the continuity of liberation struggles from slave resistance to Bolivarian Revolution of the present.  

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Venezuelans Demand an End to Lesbo-Trans-Homophobia with Kisses and Culture

Couples celebrated love across the sexuality spectrum on Saturday with dozens of same-sex and trans couples kissing in Plaza Bol

Over the weekend, the sex and gender diversity movement organized a cultural takeover of public space in Caracas to call for a Venezuela free of lesbo-trans-homophobia.

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Venezuelans Honor San Juan Bautista in Annual Festival

Musical troupes from across the region come to Curiepe to perform traditional San Juan rhythms and dances (Jeanette Charles/Vene

In Curiepe, an historic Afro-Venezuelan community, June marks the San Juan Festival. VA documented the opening of this year's annual celebration.

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In Pictures: Venezuela Celebrates International Africa Week

AfroVenezuelan music group, Grupo Eleggua, performed at the event "Pandemonium of the Black Women" held as part of the

Afro-Venezuelan groups and collectives hosted a series of talks, workshops and cultural activities from May 23rd-27th in celebration of Venezuela's African heritage. 


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Inside Venezuela’s Housing Mission "Dignified Housing for the People" - Tiuna City

Tiuna City is located in Southern Caracas on a former military base. In 2010, during a television program, President Hugo Cháve

Read why the majority of Venezuelans living in the Great Housing Mission do not want their homes privatized.

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Revolutionary Artists Ascended to Venezuela's Pantheon of Heroes

Cesar Rengifo and Armando Reverón were two artists that rocked the academic and artistic traditions of Venezuela. Although they

Every May 10th Venezuela celebrates the National Day of the Artist in homage to Venezuelan painter, Armando Reverón, who was born on this date in 1889. This year was a particularly special commemoration, however, as the remains of Reverón and Communist painter and writer, César Rengifo, were transferred to the national Pantheon of Heroes in Caracas. 

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