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Venezuela in images

Arson, Killings and Chaos: Photos of Venezuela’s ‘Peaceful’ Protesters

Protesters torch a National Guard armoured personnel carrier (APC). (AVN)

The past week has seen yet another round of violence, as the opposition continues to demand the overthrow of the government. While the protesters have been largely depicted in the international media as victims of police repression, the reality is a little more complicated. A picture says a thousand words, so here’s some photos of those ‘peaceful’ protesters being repressed.

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Saturday's Unrest: Guarimba Violence vs. Chavista Salsa Therapy

Opposition supporters engaged in violent protest against the Bolivarian government and clashed with authorities. (AFP)

This weekend, Venezuela witnessed two distinct mobilizations: one peacefully favoring the Bolivarian process and the other, bent on its demise, taking to the streets in violent protest.

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Venezuelans Protest Against Threat of OAS Suspension

Venezuelans took to the streets to show their disapproval of OAS head Luis Almagro's push for suspension and denounced US P

Venezuelan social movements mobilized Tuesday in Caracas in light of the OAS’s looming threats of suspension.


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In Photos: The Story of Venezuela’s La Minka Bakery

La Minka was put into community hands in mid March, after consumer protection authorities launched a crackdown on price gouging

La Minka bakery in Caracas is baking up low cost bread, after being taken over by a local community in Caracas.

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Chavista Motorcade Commemorates Anniversary of Death of Hugo Chavez

Thousands took part in a civic-military motorcade Wednesday in commemoration of the fourth anniversary of the death of former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. 


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International Women's Day, Venezuelan Activists March and Strike for 8M

Feminist tambor (traditional Venezuelan drums) group, the Fugitives of Rhythm. (Rachael Boothroyd Rojas/Venezuelanalysis)

Chavistas marched through the centre of Caracas to the Pantheon of National Heroes this International Women's Day, to celebrate the inclusion female indigenous and Afro-Venezuelan heroes into the mausoleum. Meanwhile in a separate march, Venezuelan feminists rallied to the cause of the international women's strike called for March 8th.

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Venezuela Commemorates 200th Birthday of Ezequiel Zamora with Civic-Military Parade

The parade included 5000 members of Venezuelan popular movements together with 12,830 military personnel.

Thousands of Venezuelans marched in Caracas' historic Los Proceres park to mark 200 years since the birth of "the people's general". 

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Venezuelans Recognize Guerrilla Leader and Journalist with National Honors

Venezuelan political leaders such as Diosdado Cabello, vice-president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), and the

Venezuelans mobilized in Caracas to honor revolutionary guerrilla leader Fabricio Ojeda accompanying his remains to the National Patheon this week.

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Venezuelans Celebrate Run-Up to Christmas

As usual, this year's  Christmas festival at the Theresa Carreño was a family affair. (Rachael Boothroyd Rojas - Venezuela

In this image gallery Venezuelanalysis brings readers a glimpse of Venezuelan holiday season traditions from the annual Christmas fair held in the Teresa Carreño theatre in Caracas. 

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"A Caribbean Question" Exhibition Goes on Display in Caracas

This painting belongs to a sub-collection in the exhibition which depicts the Caribbean identities of human subjects (Rachael Bo

Venezuelanalysis brings readers an image gallery of Venezuelan artist and muralist Pablo Kalaka's new exhibition "A Caribbean Question" currently showcasing in the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Caracas. 

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Venezuela Showcases International Musical Talent at Latest Festival

Jahlfaomega performed a two song set focused incorporating African and Indigenous Wayúu music, instruments and language. (Venez

Venezuela recently hosted the International Music Festival, part of the country's larger strategy to build the cultural revolution within the Bolivarian process.

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Caracas Celebrates 12th International Book Fair + Video

The 12th FILVEN is being held at the Teresa Carreño theatre in Caracas. (Rachael Boothroyd Rojas/

FILVEN includes 176 editorial stations along with dozens of rooms for a wide variety of presentations, workshops and trainings. This year’s events will take place at the Teresa Carreno Theater, Sala Jacinto Convito and the Museum of Natural Sciences. 

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Chavismo Marches to Defend Revolution against Rightwing Onslaught

"CLAP "Carlos Raul Villanueva" present with President Maduro. We will be victorious!". (AVN)

On Tuesday, Chavistas took to the streets of Caracas en masse following an attempt to bring impeachment proceedings against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro by the opposition-held legislature. 

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Venezuelans Celebrate Day of Indigenous Resistance


Thousands took to the streets of the Venezuelan capital on October 12 to commemorate the Day of Indgenous Resistance as well as manifest their support for the Maduro government in the face of imperialist threats. 


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Venezuelans Are Multiplying Seeds As a Means of Self Defense

After years of mixing local seeds from Anzoateguí’s majority indigenous farmers along with other national varieties, the farm

Learn how Venezuelans have built a nationwide program that seeks to achieve food sovereignty and take down the economic war.

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