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FILVEN 2015 Comes to a Close in Caracas

Readers were able to peruse a vast selection of books sold at "preferential prices" throughout the two week festival (

Venezuela´s annual International Book Festival (FILVEN) came to an end in Caracas over the weekend. Here, Venezuelanalysis brings readers a selection of photos from the ten day long festival.

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Venezuelan Carnival "El Callao" Comes to a Close in Caracas

There was plenty of revolutionary sentiment! (David Rojas - Venezuelanalysis)

Thousands of Venezuelan families turned out for the closing procession of Carnaval "El Callao," held across the country this Tuesday in Venezuela.

Here Venezuelanalysis brings readers a selection of photos from the celebrations in Los Proceres, Caracas. 

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Popular Sectors Demonstrate Support for Maduro Amidst Economic War

With oil prices tumbling to a decade low of under $40 USD per barrel of Brent crude, Maduro recently returned from a whirlwind t

On January 21st, Plaza Bolivar was full of chavistas who cheered as President Maduro walked towards the National Assembly building to give his annual national address to the legislature. Supporters did creative street actions, theater pieces, and showed their force in support of the President. 

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Thousands of Venezuelans March to Celebrate their Constitution and Condemn US Interference


Thousands of Venezuelans marched in Caracas on Monday to celebrate 15 years since the Bolivarian Constitution was passed in a nationwide referendum.

 The march also served as a platform for Venezuelans to express their outrage at the sanctions recently imposed by the United States government on the Caribbean nation.

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First 'Suena Caracas' Latin American Music Festival Draws Massive Crowds

(Emilio Ilic La Peruta)

The highly anticipated festival saw 138 different musical acts from around the world perform at a series of different public spaces across Venezuela's capital, including public squares and newly refurbished public theatres. Big names such as Cultura Profetica and Cafe Tacuba played in the diverse program which began on November 28th and ended December 6th.

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Venezuela Moves! First National Dance Festival Held in Caracas

(Milángela Galea)

In mid-November, Venezuela celebrated its first annual dance festival in Caracas. The event, organized by the National Dance Center and the Ministry of Culture, and entitled Venezuela Moves, brought together national choreographers and dance companies ranging from modern, folkloric, ballet, and African dance.

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Venezuela Breaks Three Guinness World Food Records with National Christmas Dish

Cornmeal flour was stuffed with pork, chicken, bacon and a range of vegetables to prepare the hallaca. (@YvanJoseBello)

On Saturday Venezuela was awarded three world records in a special preparation of its hallmark Christmas dish.

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November Social PreCOP: Changing the System, not the Climate

Members of civil society re-work draft of policy platform generated by the Venezuelan presidency of the Social PreCOP.  (PHOTO:

Over 80 social movement organizations from around the world have converged on Margarita Island, Venezuela this week to discuss and debate climate change policy. 

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Venezuelan Music Project Helps Low-Income Kids Even Before Birth

A member of 'El Sistema' plays on a harp, as part of its 'New Members' program, next to a newborn baby at a

It used to only admit children aged at least 5. But under its latest "New Members" projects, hundreds of smaller infants can receive voice lessons, musical initiation with paper-made instruments, and free concerts, at its base in Caracas.

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The Philosophical Summit of the Poor

As well as political debate, the event encourages spontaneous cultural creation, such as this rap performance. (Photo: teleSUR)


The Philosophical Summit of the Poor held its fourth gathering in Caracas on Friday, October 3rd.  Hundreds of people participated in open discussions about a range of issues exploring the culture and politics of the poor, and came to view the exhibit of paintings that had been birthed through collective creation and discussion.

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Woman’s Rights Activists Protest for Change to Venezuela’s Anti-Abortion Laws

These banners read, “We decide” and “Every year 700,000 women due to clandestine abortions”.

On Sunday, around 200 Venezuelans from various socialist collectives gathered in the student residences of Plaza Venezuela, in Caracas, to protest the country’s strict anti-abortion laws.

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Maduro Meets with Community Leaders in the South Bronx

Bronx resident showing his support for President Maduro (Photo: AVN)

Tuesday evening after presenting at the United Nations Summit on Climate Change, Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro seized the opportunity to visit community leaders, local activists and grassroots groups in an event hosted by Hostos Community College of the South Bronx, in New York City.

Around 1,000 people attended the event, which was organized by Citgo, and many arrived early to wait outside for good seats and to hold signs welcoming Maduro as “president of the people.”

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The First International Film Festival in Caracas

At the inauguration of the film festival (FestCineCCS).

On Friday, September 12, Venezuela's First International Film festival commenced in Caracas. The film festival features over 100 movies that are being screened in theaters, and cultural spaces throughout Caracas. The films are produced by directors, animators, and documentarians from across Latin America.

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Third International Percussion Festival in Barlovento, Venezuela

The festival celebrations began on August 27th (teleSUR/Rachael Boothroyd)

More than 350 percussionists from Chile, Colombia, Peru, South Africa and several states of Venezuela took part in the third  International Percussion Festival of Barlovento 2014 (FIPBAR).

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Chocolate, a "Tool for Liberation" in Venezuela

The hand painted shell of the cocoa pod (teleSUR/Rachael Boothroyd)

A chocolate fair in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the SENIAT, organised by the Our Land Foundation, a non profit organization which works with a number of chocolate cooperatives, collectives and small enterprises

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