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Features: Oil and Gas

Venezuelan Voices, Part II: An Inflammatory Question

A PDVSA [state] truck transporting gasoline in Caracas (AVN)

As Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro combats corruption, reassigns half of ministry positions, launches “a new stage of the revolution,” and even hints at a minimum wage increase for November, the question remains what economic steps will be taken to reverse the high inflation that critics are quick to associate with his leadership.

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A National, Popular, and Revolutionary Oil Policy for Venezuela

Minister of Energy and Petroleum Rafael Ramirez held a landmark speech to Venezuela's National Assembly a few weeks ago, in which he outlined how the state-owned oil company PDVSA has become a new company and what was wrong with the old PDVSA.

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“The Main Obstacle Is the Administrative Structure of the Venezuelan State”

Ali Rodriguez, the president of Venezuela's state-owned oil company PDVSA talks about last year's sabotage of the industry, PetroSur, oil for Euros, OPEC, oil industry funded social programs, and worker self-management.

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