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Features: Indigenous and Afro-Venezuelans

Racism Sin Vergüenza in the Venezuelan Counter-Revolution

Racism in San Bernadino, it reads "Against the moneky, the blacks and the poor - PJ (Justice First Party)" (La Voz del

Racism is one of the main engines and expressions of the current counter-revolution. In Venezuela the revolutionary struggle to end white supremacy and for self-determination is slow, and complicated by white elites, backed by US imperialism, and by the denial of many that racism persists.

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Indigenous Policy in Venezuela: Between Unity and Pluralism

Indigenous spokespeople, Venezuela (archive)

In celebration of the Day of Indigenous Resistance on October 12th, the Venezuelan government announced numerous initiatives aimed at assisting and empowering indigenous communities. While such initiatives as well as rights guaranteed in the constitution have successfully come to fruition in many indigenous communities, they have faced obstacles in others.

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Will the Bolivarian Revolution End Coal Mining in Venezuela?

The Wayúu, Yukpa, and Barí indigenous communities who would have been displaced by the coal mining projects in their lands cautiously interpret the Chavez government's suspension of these projects as a temporary sign of relief. But their struggle against coal mining has lasted a quarter of a century and will not conclude until mining concessions are repealed for good.

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How Chavez Changed Life in the Tribal Territories

Venezuela used to regard its indigenous people contemptuously, but President Hugo Chávez set up a constitution that respects their wishes and their ownership of land. He promised, and has delivered, some improvements in their daily lives and prospects, but the changes are still slow and hesitant.

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Hugo Chávez and the Politics of Race

While Chávez's strategy of appealing to racial minorities in the U.S. is certainly bold, it is hardly surprising given his and Venezuela's history. Chávez support for Venezuela's indigenous and afro-Venezuelan population has inspired not only oppressed minorities within his own country but also blacks living outside Venezuela.

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Racism and Racial Divides in Venezuela

Chucho García

An interview with Jesus "Chucho" Garcia, Venezuela's leading activist against and researcher of racism in Venezuela. As a Venezuelan of African descent, he talks about the denial of racism in Venezuela and what needs to be done to overcome it.

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