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Dontcha Know, We’re Singing a Revolution

Hugo Chavez during the presidential campaign last year (AVN)

Gustavo Marcos Bazan, an Argentinean born Venezuelan, and member of the Latin American music for change movement Cantores de los Sueños del Alba (singers of the dreams of dawn) argues that political music is the “honest” music that helps us to keep fighting for a better world.

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Alternative Education Can Eliminate Corruption

Myriam Anzola (in blue) with the recent alternative pedagogy graduates (Leandro Irion)

Participatory education based on empowering students through their active involvement in their community is an essential tool for fighting corruption in the long term.


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At Monte Ávila Publishers, Books Aim to Fill Historical Debt

A renowned author and poet, Monte Ávila President Carlos Noguera publishes his writings through other companies to avoid partia

When Carlos Noguera took over the presidency of the Monte Ávila publishing company in 2003, he faced an organization in a state of “intensive therapy.”

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