Exposed! Violence and economic warfare – the true face of Venezuela’s anti-democratic opposition

Film showing (7pm – Doors Open, 6.30pm) of “April: between peace and rage” followed by Q&A on the right-wing’s current economic warfare against Venezuela’s elected government with Alvaro Sanchez (Venezuelan Embassy) & Dr. Francisco Dominguez (Venezuela Solidarity Campaign)
The short Venezuelan film “April: between peace and rage” looks at the violence of the right-wing opposition in Venezuela against supporters of the elected government in the afternath of Nicolas Maduro’s election victory in April 2013, which led to the death of 13 people. The film – which recently premiered on VTV in Venezuela – has been recommended by President Maduro, who urged Venezuelans to watch the film and take note of its important “poignant” message.
The discussion will include an update on the latest developments in Venezuela, where President Maduro has warned the right-wing, anti-democratic opposition are trying to push the country to “total collapse” with a sustained campaign of destabilisation and economic warfare, echoing that which preceded the coup against Allende forty years ago in Chile.
Free Entry – Open to All!
Jointly organised by the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign