No to far-right violence and provocations in Venezuela! Solidarity with the Bolivarian revolution!

Event information

Date: Feb 19th 2014
City: Sydney
Country: Australia
Guest speaker: Nelson Davila, Venezuelan Ambassador to Australia.

Wednesday, February 19, 5pm
Sydney Town Hall, George St, Sydney 

Protest to condemns the recent violent actions instigated by far-right sections of the opposition in Venezuela and a a call for solidarity to all those who value democracy, freedom, justice and peace to support the Bolivarian Revolution and the government of Nicolas Maduro against attempted destabilization and violence. 

Supported by:
Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network 
Latin America Social Forum 
Chile 40 years on
Committee for Human Rights in Guatemala 
Grupo Ibiray-Fondo Raul Sendic 
Comite FMLN en Sydney 
Socialist Alliance


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