Welcome to the Venezuelanalysis.com blog Section!

Hello everyone and welcome to the Venezuelanalysis.com Blog section. In this space you will find several regular Venezuelanalysis.com writers blogging about whatever they choose to write about at the moment. Participating bloggers will probably be, so far:

  • Myself, Greg Wilpert
  • Chris Carlson
  • Kiraz Janicke
  • Federico Fuentes
  • Mike Fox
  • Eva Golinger (who has a blog at www.chavezcode.com, but will re-post entries here on occasion)

All of us are based in Venezuela, by the way.

We hope you enjoy this new feature. For now, until we get going with this, we do not have comments sections attached to the blogs. Once we get going, we might activate that, to see how it goes. Until then, you are free to write us letters, either privately (via the contact us form) or as a public letter to the editors (via the "Submit a letter" link).

Thanks for your support!

Greg Wilpert

P.S. For material support, we will soon have a new donation button on the site.