The Moore Saga

By Eva Golinger
The New York Times did a "story" today on my reaction to Michael Moore's fairy tale about meeting with President Chávez in Venice this past September. The article, written by Simon Romero, was published in both the... more

The Honduran Coup is personal here

By Tamara Pearson
I was really moved by the Venezuelan reaction to the coup in Honduras. On two levels... One was the way everyone (well obviously not everyone, there are always those who go about their shopping and drinking and soapie... more

Obama still lacks some listening skills

By Charles Hardy
President Barack Obama said he went to the Fifth Summit of the Americas to listen but I’m not sure he heard or understood all that was being said. His stated intentions were good and his going to shake hands... more

Lonely Planet or Off The Planet

By Charles Hardy
I wouldn't recommend putting too much faith in LONELY PLANET'S Venezuela edition., If you are planning a trip to Venezuela This is Holy Week. In Venezuela, it means that a multitude is filling the streets... more

Slow Progress

By George Gabriel
A week and a half has now passed since my visit to Fundo Comun and things have moved frustratingly slowly. To revoke the mandates of all those currently holding elected positions in the council and start again... more