Notes from Pre-Election Caracas

By Ewan Robertson
Journalist and activist Jody McIntyre captures the mood in Caracas, as Venezuelans prepare to vote in a snap presidential election on 14 April. Here, two of his recent blog posts are published. Ofel Albano Sanchez,... more

Election Day in Caracas

By Rachael
In TV Caricuao, a community media station in the west of Caracas, government supporters are anxiously gathered around a small television, which beams out images of Chavista political figures and officials from the... more

Responses to Common Questions on Venezuela’s Politics

By Ewan Robertson
By Joe Emersberger's ZSpace Blog Q: Why should people in the USA (or in other rich countries like Canada or the UK) care about what is going in Venezuela? People who live within imperial countries should not only... more

A Strange Kind of "Dictatorship"

By Rachael
Tens of thousands of supporters of the opposition marched and assembled in Caracas today, exactly one week before elections are due to take place. The atmosphere was peaceful, and people cheered as Henrique Capriles... more

Which Side of the Road…

Who says that there’s no democracy in Venezuela? Well whoever says it, don’t believe it! I can see the democracy here nearly every day!With less than 2 months left of a long electoral campaign which, unofficially,... more

Reflections from the First Week in Venezuela

It has been a while since I have written an entry here. I guess I got caught up in living life and forgot about writing about my experiences for people; that and I have been lazy and haven´t scheduled time to write... more