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A List of Fatalities After a Month of Political Violence in Venezuela

A List of Fatalities After a Month of Political Violence in Venezuela

Ewan Robertson –

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Notes from Pre-Election Caracas

Journalist and activist Jody McIntyre captures the mood in Caracas, as Venezuelans prepare to vote in a snap presidential election on 14 April. Here, two of his recent blog posts are published.


Ofel Albano Sanchez, aged 30, born in Caracas

Posted on March 27, 2013

Plaza Bolivar was one of the first places I visited after arriving in Caracas. A relaxing spot in an otherwise bustling city, with a collectively-run café serving the best hot chocolate imaginable on the corner, means there is not much more you could ask for.

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Election Day in Caracas

In TV Caricuao, a community media station in the west of Caracas, government supporters are anxiously gathered around a small television, which beams out images of Chavista political figures and officials from the National Electoral Committee (CNE), all commenting on the progression of the country's presidential election day. It is around 6pm and some of the activists are just getting back from a 60-strong motorcycle ride throughout the streets of Caricuao, wielding flags, shouting “Viva Chavez” and calling on local residents to go out and vote.

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Imagining Radical Scottish Independence: Learning from the Venezuelan Experience

By Ewan Robertson

With two years to go until the Scottish National Party (SNP) puts a referendum on independence to the Scottish people, the likelihood appears that the form of “independence” on offer will look more like “devolution-max”: ditching any policy that would either prove unacceptable to ruling elites across the UK and further afield, or would bring meaningful sovereignty and political participation to an independent Scotland.

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Responses to Common Questions on Venezuela’s Politics

By Joe Emersberger's ZSpace Blog

Q: Why should people in the USA (or in other rich countries like Canada or the UK) care about what is going in Venezuela?

People who live within imperial countries should not only learn what they can about successful movements, and applaud them, but also do what they can to prevent our governments from destroying them with the help of the corporate media. It is really just basic decency and common sense. The more people in rich countries believe lies, the more rotten things their governments can get away with doing.

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A Strange Kind of "Dictatorship"

Tens of thousands of supporters of the opposition marched and assembled in Caracas today, exactly one week before elections are due to take place. The atmosphere was peaceful, and people cheered as Henrique Capriles was lifted through the crowd.

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Venezuela's Socialist Revolution

When I first decided to join this exciting delegation through Venezuela I will admit that my main expectation (and motivation) was that I would see, first hand, this country's efforts to transform their food system in order to re-establish food sovereignty and food security amongst their people.  Whilst this is exactly what I have seen, the political context which is enabling this process has been a complete surprise to me and I am a little embarrassed to say, I had no idea about the political, social and economic transformation which is occurring in Venezuela, since Hugo Charvez's ele

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Which Side of the Road…

Who says that there’s no democracy in Venezuela? Well whoever says it, don’t believe it! I can see the democracy here nearly every day!

With less than 2 months left of a long electoral campaign which, unofficially, started in February, and won’t culminate until after the December 16th local elections, efforts are being stepped up by both camps to get their hopeful into the Miraflores Presidential Palace. Activists from both Chavez’s and Capriles’ campaigns are working harder than ever.

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Why the Western Media Adore Venezuela’s Opposition Candidate Capriles Radonski

Mmmm, with the emergence to the scene of the right-wing Venezuelan opposition’s presidential candidate, Henrique Capriles Radonski, the mainsteam Western media are like bees to honey.

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