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What's Behind New Venezuelan Laws? Interview with James Suggett

14:51 minutes (13.59 MB)

Audio Interview with Venezuelanalysis staff-writer James Suggett about the recent laws passed by Venezuela's National Assembly, including President Hugo Chavez's new law decree power. (14 mins, 50 secs)

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Venezuela Headlines #98 - New Laws from National Assembly, US-Venezuelan Tiff

9:58 minutes (9.13 MB)

U.S. Nominee Ambassador Palmer “Cannot Enter the Country” says Venezuela’s Chavez - US Proposed Multi-Faceted Campaign to Counter Venezuelan President, Wikileaks Cables Show - Venezuela Accelerates Public Housing Projects in Wake of Floods - Venezuelan Government Plans to Increase Agricultural Productivity after Floods -Venezuelan National Assembly Passes Law Making Banking a “Public Service” - Venezuela's National Assembly Passes Enabling Law for Chavez - Inflation Down, Unemployment Up in Venezuela 

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Venezuela News Summary #97

8:29 minutes (7.76 MB)

OAS General Secretary Distorts Army Head’s Words - VZ Opposition Discusses Presidential Candidate for 2012 Election – VZ Municipalities and States Prepare for December Elections - VZ Gov Announces Plan for Nationalized Housing – VZ Gov Expropriates Major Shopping Mall - VZ Workers March for More Participation & Rights - Cuba and VZ Commemorate 10th Anniversary of Bilateral Cooperation - VZ Helps Cuba Overcome US-Imposed Internet Restrictions - VZ Celebrates Five Years Free of Illiteracy - “Smile Mission” Provides Dental Care to 96,000 Venezuelans

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Venezuela Headlines #96 - Upcoming National Assembly Elections

10:47 minutes (9.88 MB)

Venezuela News Headlines (Audio: ): Upcoming National Assembly Elections. Venezuela Deports Drug Kingpins, Calls US Drug Blacklist “Abusive and Interventionist” - Venezuelan Oil Minister: $100 Fair Price for Oil Barrel - Jewish Representatives Meet with Chávez -Venezuelan Women Swear to be “Guardians” of Chavez in Response to CNN - Venezuela's Chavez Hands out Property Rights - New Program Supplies Venezuelans with Affordable Household Appliances - Venezuelans Mourn Deaths of Three Socialist Leaders. 

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The Latin American Revolution, Part 1 of 4: Venezuela

29:47 minutes (27.26 MB)

The U.S. drive for global empire, to use and allocate all the planet's resources and people for itself, has run unchecked through Africa. It has been stalled by wars and the presence of other powers in south and southwest Asia. Latin America is the only region in the world where U.S. empire has literally been rolled back in the last decade.

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Venezuela News Summary #95

13:01 minutes (11.92 MB)

Large Crowds Turn Out for 200-Year Independence Celebrations in Venezuela | ALBA Summit in Venezuela vows to fight Climate Change with System Change | Venezuela Celebrates ‘Day of the Bolivarian Militias, the Armed People and the April Revolution’ | China Offers Largest Credit to Venezuela | Russia and Venezuela Deepen Ties with Energy, Military Deals | Venezuela and Uruguay Trade Oil for Food, Promote Latin American Integration | Venezuela Criticizes Bias in Inter-American Human Rights Commission Annual Report | Eight Colombians Arrested on Suspicion of Spying in Venezuela | Venezuela Coming Out of Electricity Crisis | Two More Minister Changes in Venezuela | Venezuelans Eat More and Are Better Nourished than Ten Years Ago | Analysis article excerpt: Fighting Corruption or Persecuting Political Opponents in Venezuela? A Response to the New York Times

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Venezuela News Summary #94

10:40 minutes (9.77 MB)

US Military Commander: Venezuelan Government has no Links to Terrorists | Venezuelan Ambassador to US Senators: OAS Human Rights Report is Biased | Ousted Honduran President Visits Venezuela | During Inauguration Mujica Offers Venezuela / Colombia Mediation | Hoarding, Irregularities Lead To Seizure Of Venezuelan Sugar Mills | Venezuela Celebrates Women’s Day, Discusses Abortion Rights | Venezuela’s Public Sector Physicians to Receive Pay Increases | Venezuela Strengthens National Health System, Marks Advance in Fight Against Poverty | Chavez’s Party Sets Procedure for Nominating Candidates for Venezuela’s Legislature | Venezuelan Government Reviews 2009 Projects and Achievements

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Venezuela News Summary #93

12:27 minutes (11.41 MB)

Venezuela Celebrates 11 Years of “Bolivarian Revolution” | Further Cabinet Changes | New Federal Council | PSUV to hold Elections For National Assembly Candidates | More than 100,000 March in Support of Chavez in Venezuela | Nearly 200 Communes Currently in Formation in Venezuela | Venezuela Sells Products at Fair Prices through Nationalized Hypermarket Chain | Differences within Venezuelan Opposition Television Channel Force Resignation of Director-General | Mitsubishi and Chevron Win Bid to Develop Venezuela’s Oil Belt | Venezuelan Government Closes Illegal Gold Trading and Money Laundering Racket | South American Nations Approve Multilateral Reconstruction Fund for Haiti | Electricity Emergency Declared in Venezuela, Special Measures Taken

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Venezuela News Summary #92

11:14 minutes (10.3 MB)

Chavez Rejects U.S. Mediation in Venezuela-Colombia Spat, U.S. Withdrawal is “Only Solution” - Chavez Says Venezuela Will Defend Itself Against Colombian-U.S. Aggression - Venezuela Declares Commitment to Peace and Dialogue, Prepares Defense of Natural Resources - United Socialist Party of Venezuela Elects Congress Delegates amidst Debates over Party Direction - Venezuelan Government Takes Hold of Two Largest Coffee Companies - Venezuela Destroys 32,000 Firearms to Fight Crime - Venezuelan Trade Unionists Organize to Defend the “Bolivarian Revolution”

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Venezuela News Summary #91

13:34 minutes (12.43 MB)

Venezuela Announces Special Measures to Boost Electricity Production - Chavez Comments Spark Discontent Among Venezuelan Electrical Workers - Venezuela Launches Military Operations on Border to Fight Drug Trafficking and Protect Coltan Reserve - Venezuela Says Israeli Criticisms of Relationship with Iran Lack Moral Authority - Colombia “Hands Over Its Sovereignty” to U.S. with Military Accord, Says Chavez - Venezuela-Colombia Dispute Reaches WTO, Border Closed After 2 Venezuelan Troops Shot Dead - Venezuela: Colombians Massacred Near Border Were Paramilitaries - Venezuela Captures Two Colombian Intelligence Agents Accused of Spying - Presidents of Brazil and Venezuela Review Bilateral Accords for Soy, Industry, and MERCOSUR - Suspects Arrested in Murder of Venezuelan Indigenous, but Chief’s Detention Fuels Conflict - Chavez Orders Transfer of $32 Million to Venezuela’s People’s Bank - Venezuela: Disputes in Process of Delegate Nominations to PSUV Congress

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Venezuela News Summary #90

10:24 minutes (9.52 MB)

Government Builds Genetics Research Center and Special Classrooms for Venezuela's Disabled | Venezuela Elected to UNESCO Executive Council | Venezuela Moves Up Four Positions in U.N. Human Development Ranking | Venezuela and U.K. Sign Anti-Drug Trafficking Agreement | Venezuela and Ecuador Advance Bilateral Cooperation | Venezuela Nationalizes Hilton Hotel | Urban Land Committees Demand Law Reform | Venezuela Grants Land to Indigenous Communities On Indigenous Resistance Day | Venezuelan Yukpa Indigenous Community Attacked | Venezuelan Poll: Chavez Enjoys High Approval Rating | Venezuelan Economic Measures Prioritize National Production | Venezuela Re-Stocks Subsidized Food Markets Amid Continued Inflation

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Venezuela news Summary #89

12:03 minutes (11.03 MB)

Chavez Attends Venice Premier of Oliver Stone’s Venezuela, South America Film | Global Marches For and Against Venezuelan President See Mixed Turnout | Venezuelan “Peace Bases” to Counter U.S. Military Buildup in Colombia with Binational Reconciliation | U.S. NGO’s Case against Venezuela’s Citgo and Chavez Dismissed | Venezuelan President Strengthens Relations with Libya, Algeria, and Syria on Tour | Venezuela Tells UNASUR Meeting, U.S. “Talking about War” | Venezuela Invests Surplus Oil Dollars in Education, Housing, and Industry | Venezuelan Socialist Party to Form Worker Patrols and Host International Leftist Meeting | New National Progressive Newspaper Goes to Print in Venezuela | Venezuela: Violent Protesters to Face Criminal Charges | Noam Chomsky Meets with Chavez in Venezuela

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Venezuela News Summary #88

11:32 minutes (10.57 MB)

I. Venezuelan National Assembly Discusses Combating Media Terrorism

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Venezuela News Summary #87

12:54 minutes (11.82 MB)

Venezuela News Summary #87 (July 12th- July 22nd, 2009)

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Venezuela News Summary #86

11:27 minutes (10.49 MB)

Venezuela News Summary #86 (July 4th- July 11th, 2009)

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