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"Change the System, Not the Climate!" Voices from the Social PreCOP

16:46 minutes (15.36 MB)

Sitting directly on the coastline, the expropriated Hotel Venetur, formerly the Hilton, was transformed this past week into a site for social movements and government representatives to address climate change policy in preparation for the upcoming United Nations Climate talks (COP20).  Hear the voices of participants in the Social PreCOP and how social movement leaders are shaping the debate on climate change and development.

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The Venezuelan Political Landscape

30:04 minutes (27.53 MB)

Wrapping up a series of special reports on Venezuela, Latin Pulse looks at a variety of topics across the Venezuelan political landscape, including the role of the military, police, crime, human rights, corruption, and economics. The program also includes more discussion of accusations by the Venezuelan government that the United States is involved in economic destabilization of the Venezuelan government. The news segment of the program looks at reaction in Chile to the 40th anniversary this week of the coup by Gen. Augusto Pinochet in both Chile and in Washington, D.C. The program also includes a commentary on Chile.



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Meeting with Alan Woods on Hugo Chavez and the Venezuelan Revolution

60:45 minutes (39.1 MB)

The huge response from ordinary people to the death of Hugo Chavez has highlighted the massive impact that the Venezuelan Revolution has had on millions of people worldwide. Never has the Venezuelan Revolution been more relevant than today. This explains why over 70 people came to see Alan Woods - editor of and founder of the Hands Off Venezuela campaign - speak at the UCLU Marxist (University College London) society on the legacy of Chavez and the tasks of the Venezuelan Revolution now that its leader has passed away.

There is a phrase that says ‘nothing can stop an idea whose time has come.’ That not only explains the influence and respect Chavez was able to command, but also the widely noted influence that Alan Woods and the International Marxist Tendency had on Chavez. Marxist ideas are the only ones which can really explain revolutions and give a consistent, clear revolutionary programme with which to transform society. That is why Chavez recognised the value of Alan’s analysis of Venezuela and why the BBC and Daily Telegraph have featured Alan in their coverage of Chavez’ death.

The meeting was started by Alan pointing out the cynical irony with which leaders of Western capitalist nations have attacked Chavez. They have accused him of ‘irresponsibility’ and ‘recklessness’ with Venezuela’s oil reserves for daring to spend them on social programmes which have halved poverty, ended illiteracy and massively increased healthcare provision. Clearly it is far better to fritter away state finances on bailing out banks! Now there’s a vision of sound economic management if ever there was one! In the past, as Alan pointed out, Venezuelan oil wealth went straight into the pockets of American and European multinationals and a few Venezuelan oligarchs, whilst chronic poverty went untouched. The Western press never complained then.

Alan then summed up the experience of the Venezuelan Revolution, from the defeated rightwing coup of 2002 to the movement for workers’ control. The lesson of the Venezuelan Revolution is not the charisma, honesty and boldness of Chavez, although, as Alan pointed out in response to a question as to why the revolution happened in Venezuela and not, say, Chile, that has been vital. No, the real lesson is the heroism, sacrifice and militancy of the Venezuelan working class, which has rescued and driven forth the revolution time and again.

This force is also the key to the future for the revolution. The Venezuelan masses can only rely upon themselves. Alan spent some time explaining the difficulties and dangers for the revolution, in particular from inside the revolution, that is, from the Bolivarian bureaucracy, which often sabotages and holds back the process. Alan gave the example of where bureaucrats have blocked orders from Chavez to nationalise factories under workers control.

The meeting finished on the note that we need to build a revolutionary organisation in all countries, so that when and where revolutions break out, we have the structures and organisation to make sure that bureaucrats do not successfully sabotage the only solution to the crisis of capitalism the world over - that is, the expropriation of capitalism under workers control.

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Work Like Chávez

2:57 minutes (4.05 MB)

Check out the latest track from Rebel Diaz, a tribute to the recently-deceased Venezuelan President, Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías, perhaps the most important political leader of our generation.


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Live and Overcome - A Tribute Song to Chavez

5:30 minutes (3.84 MB)

For you, Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias. Rest in Peace


The beacon of the South
Extinguished now
An inspiration passed away
A hero fades out

And millions crowd the streets
A sea of red beneath a goodbye fleet
The chants ring out
You live, the fight continues

[Chorus] Those who die for life
Can never be called gone
Onward, friends, to victory
We will live and we will overcome

You can't kill an idea
And the world is overcoming fear
The tide is turning
The wreckage will be swept away

And a better world is on its way
Without you, it wouldn't have ever left the gate
A giant has left us
Stand up friends, stand up tall


[Bridge] Hasta la victoria siempre
Viviremos y venceremos
Ever onward, friends, to victory
We will live and we will overcome 


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BBC interview with Venezuelanalysis: Chavez's health and current situation in Venezuela

3:50 minutes (3.52 MB)

The BBC interviews Tamara Pearson of Venezuelanalysis about President Hugo Chavez's health and the current situation in Venezuela

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The World at Night: Venezuela

14:57 minutes (5.14 MB)

Venezuelanalysis' Ewan Roberton discusses the results of the recent presidential elections in Venezuela, as well as a number of other issues including crime.


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Oil, Social Programs and the Venezuelan Presidential Election

10:16 minutes (9.4 MB) writer Ewan Robertson discusses oil, social programs and the Venezuelan presidential election in an interview with Global Outlook, a program for Johannesburg – based Cii Broadcasting and broadcast by satellite to over 150 countries worldwide.

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Hip Hop Gets Political in Venezuela

4:53 minutes (3.32 MB)

Campaigning is heating up in Venezuela where presidential polls are due in early October. Despite his recent battle with cancer, President Hugo Chavez is running for another term of office, after 13 years in power. His opponent, Henrique Capriles, is a young lawyer who represents a coalition of opposition parties. As Sarah Grainger reports from Caracas, everyone in Venezuela has an opinion on politics, including the country's aspiring young hip-hop artists


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The World at Night: Workers' Control in Venezuela

22:08 minutes (7.6 MB)

Overseas correspondent Ewan Robertson joins us from Caracas in Venezuela; where the government isn't selling state assests, its handing them over to the workers to run. (22′07″)

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Radio New Zealand interviews Venezuelanalysis: Chavez, oil, and communal councils

19:11 minutes (6.59 MB)


The World At Night - Venezuela:
Australian born alternative media journalist now working for Venezuela Analysis, Tamara Pearson now considers this northern South American nation with a population of 29 million, home... communal councils, Chavez, oil, crime, and choosing Venezuela.


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Venezuelanalysis News Headlines #100 - May, 2011

9:21 minutes (8.56 MB)

VZ Opposition form “Progressive” Coalition for 2012 Presidential Elections - Chávez Defends Colombia Policy - VZ Detains Suspected FARC Musician Julián Conrado – VZ Minister says FARC Files Evidence “Finally Coming to an End” - VZ Votes in Favor of Honduras Return to OAS - VZ Gov Successfully Mediates Honduras Agreement - Chávez Requests Billions for Social Missions - First National Meeting of Socialist Workers’ Councils - Law Banning Racial Discrimination Passed in Venezuela – Caracas Police Brutality Results in Suspension of Ten Officers - Thousands March in Venezuela against U.S. Sanctions

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International Grassroots Womens Conference In Caracas Venezuela

7:38 minutes (6.98 MB)

Marking the 100 year anniversary of International Women’s Day, hundreds of women from around the world joined together in Carcas to share experiences, debate different themes, draft proposals and show support for the democratic process underway in Venezuela. 

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Venezuela Headlines #99 - 12-Year Bolivarian Anniversary!

11:31 minutes (10.55 MB)

12-Year Anniversary of the Bolivarian Process. Venezuelan to Produce Affordable Mobile Phones for the Blind - PSUV Defines New Strategies for 2011-2012 - Chavez Outlines Government’s Achievements in Annual Speech - MetroCable Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary - U.S. Poor to Benefit from 6th Year of Subsidized Venezuelan Heating Oil - SUCRE Currency System - Opposition Requests Intervention from Organization of American States - U.S. Sends Mixed Signals in Ambassador Spat as Congress Vows Harder Line against Venezuela

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