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Analysis: Venezuelan Media

20 Points to Understand the Psychological War against Venezuela

Olivia Suarez (CDO)

Psychologists Olivia Suarez and Fernando Giuliani warn that some sectors are trying to plant uncertainty and anxiety and to paint a picture of a country that is supposedly falling apart so that the people are open to any measures to restore “order”.


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Opposition Reissues Claim Maduro “Isn’t Venezuelan”

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro (agencies)

As part of ongoing attempts to prevent President Nicolas Maduro from consolidating his leadership in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, right-wing forces at home and abroad have reissued false claims that he was born in neighboring Colombia.

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Rats and Opposition Newspapers in Venezuela

The front page of Tal Cual on 18 April 2013, comparing Maduro to Adolf Hitler (Tal Cual)

HoV exposes the latest manipulations by Venezuelan daily Tal Cual, pointing to the falsity of corporate media claims that Venezuelan private media is subject to limits on freedom of expression

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Henrique Capriles: The Prefabricated Leader

(Ciudad CCS)

This recent opinion article in Venezuelan daily Ciudad CCS examines the private media’s treatment of opposition leader Henrique Capriles, which the author says is “unprecedented in the history of our country”.

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The “Loss” of Globovision Might not Herald the Apocalypse

Globovision's main studios in Caracas (Carlos Garcia Rawlins/Reuters)

The day after the sale of Globovision was confirmed, Venezuelans awoke to new world devoid of any brave voices to question their Orwellian regime.

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Private Media on Chavez’ Health: 70 Days of Speculation and Necrophilia

The front page of Thursday 24 January’s print edition of El País (El País/HoV)

It seems that while the “ominous voices” will continue to speculate on Chavez’s health and try to create the impression of a “crisis” in Venezuela where and when they can, the surprise return and apparent improvement of the Venezuelan president has demonstrated the falsity of many of their claims, highlighting 70 days of speculation and necrophilia as exactly that.

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Devaluation, Consumerism, and the Media

Venezuelans wait in line to buy Chinese Haier brand products subsidized by the Venezuelan government

In light of Venezuela’s recent currency devaluation, Venezuelan blogger and technology activist Luigino Bracci Roa argues that a change in attitudes towards consumption and technology is required.

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South America: A Panorama of Media Democratization

AINI Noticias

Media in Latin America have traditionally been consolidated into the hands of a few wealthy families and large media conglomerates. Over the last decade and a half, however, several governments in the region, including Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia, and Uruguay, have moved to democratize media.

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Democratizing Media in Latin America: An Interview with Carlos Ciappina


Carlos Ciappina, secretary of the Journalism and Social Communication School of the National University of La Plata, Argentina, explains why the school decided to award Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez a prize for popular communication in 2011, and discusses democratisation of media in Latin American more generally.

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“Media Should be Defined by Participation”: An Interview with Venezuelan Community TV Tatuy

In the Tatuy recording studio (Tatuy TV)

Carlos Camacho, a member of Venezuelan community television station Tatuy TV, discusses with the importance of community media for the realisation of participatory democracy in Venezuela, as well as the highs and lows experienced by the Tatuy TV project. 

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The Revolution Will Not Be Decreed: An interview with Gonzalo Gómez

Gonzalo Gómez and Jeffery R. Webber (socialistproject)

In this interview, Gonzalo describes his own path to militancy, the different phases of the Bolivarian process, and the dangers of bureaucracy, the “boli-bourgeoisie,” and the stultifying internal life of the Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela (United Socialist Party of Venezuela, PSUV).

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2002 Coup Victims Accuse Venevision Owner Gustavo Cisneros of Coup Participation

The police truck below Llaguno Bridge, April 2002 (archive)

Miguel Mora, a 37 year old environmentalist, was present during the events on Llaguno Bridge in Caracas on 11 April 2002, and is accusing Venevision [television station] of being involved in the coup against President Hugo Chavez. Mora fired at a Metropolitan Police truck from Llaguno Bridge. 

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Celebrating the Alternative Media Movement in Venezuela

Part of yesterday's alternative media march in Caracas (Aporrea)

Yesterday was day of the Journalist in Venezuela, and to mark it there was a huge march in Caracas in support of alternative media. This article talks to a range of activists in the alternative media movement about how the media situation in Venezuela has changed.

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Alo Presidente... Happy Birthday

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s weekly talk show Alo Presidente reached its 13th anniversary this week (alopresidente.gob.v

Alo Presidente continues to be a milestone and a fundamental reference point in the world of media for liberation. Nobody would have imagined that a programme with such a format would have achieved so much.

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Making a ‘State for Revolution’ -- The Example of Community and Public Media

The Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela has built mass organisations of workers and communities that have erratically challenged class and market relations—verifying that taking political power is difficult but essential to fundamental social change and that capitalist cultural practices complicate the revolutionary process.

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